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My Mantras

Healing through discussion & art processing


The William Way Center 1315 Spruce Street Philadelphia PA 19107 First Session: July 20th from 2:00-3:30pm

Please join Parker Jackson Arts at The William Way Center * for the first workshop of the series "My Mantras". This workshop will start with introductions and a group discussion about working towards self awareness, grounding and the process of self talk. Everyone is encouraged to participate and share as this is a safe space, but there will be no pressure or judgment placed on individuals who choose not to. The second portion of the workshop will be a watercolor wax resist demonstration and instruction. Each workshop participant will create four watercolor mantra paintings using a wax resist technique and will be able to take their artwork home with them. Participants will also be going home with a small art kit which will include some additional art supplies, instructions and techniques to practice at home. 

Parker started created Mantra paintings which reflect their own personal self talk in 2017, and has recently been adding on to this portfolio and sharing it with the public. To view Parker’s personal Mantra works to get an idea what you will be learning in this workshop, please click here.

There are limited spots available for this workshop, so please reserve your seat by clicking the button below.

* To create an even safer space, this particular workshop is specifically for members of the LGBTQ+ Community, however there will be My Mantra workshops held in the future open to all audiences. 


Artsploring the Ocean

a preschool art class

$25.00 for one class $80.00 for 4 week program

Old City Art House 144 Vine Street Philadelphia PA 19106

First Session: August 3rd, 2019 from 9:30-11am

“Artsploring the Ocean” is a mixed media art class exploring oceanic life for students ages 3-6 years. Each week we will discover and learn about a new ocean creature, and make an art project together about what we learn. While we work on our project, videos of oceanic life will be playing in the background for even more art inspiration!

Each week we will explore different medias and learn diverse art techniques as well as new vocabulary, literacy and science skills. At the end of each class, we will practice our literacy skills by writing the name of the creature we learned about in class and drawing a picture of it underneath.

Please feel free to contact Parker with any questions or concerns regarding this class by using this form.

There are only 10 slots for this class! Sign up for class by clicking the button below.


Drink & Draw

Art class, pizza and beer!


Clarkville 4301 Baltimore Avenue Philadelphia PA 19104

First Session: July 18th from 7-9pm

Parker Jackson Arts and Clarkville are working together to bring you bi-weekly Drink & Draw events. Come to the top floor of Clarkville on the chosen Thursdays from 7-9pm. You will be able to order and enjoy your favorite pizza / beers while participating in a beginner art class. Each Drink & Draw session will focus on a different theme and media, and all supplies will be provided. At the end of class you will be able to leave with your artwork and of course, a full stomach!

Our first session on July 18th will be a dry media on paper still life class. Learn how to draw with charcoal and pencils on paper using basic art elements such as line, shape, form and space. The still life will be comprised of objects that contain elliptical and cylindrical shapes to really help you grasp drawing 3-d forms.

Throughout each session, Parker will demonstrate various techniques, instructions and tutorials to the group as well as to individuals. Parker will be available to answer any questions before, during and after class. Participants are encouraged to use the instructed techniques in their own way, to create a unique, individualized piece of art.

To sign up for our first Drink & Draw Session on July 18th, please click the button below.


in progress

an in progress critique night for artists

Free Event

The A-Space 4722 Baltimore Ave Philadelphia PA 19143

First Session: July 31st from 7-9pm

Join Parker Jackson Arts at The A-Space in West Philadelphia from 7-9pm for a professional in progress critique night. This event is for professional artists (emerging and established alike) seeking an artist community and feedback on their works.

This critique night will happen on a bi-weekly basis. Artists are encouraged to bring any works they would like a critique/feedback on, either finished or in progress.

While this is a free event, please do register so we can keep track of attendees, update you on any changes to the event in addition to send an email regarding the critique etiquette we will be practicing at A-Space.

Please do not hesitate to email Parker with any questions. You can reach Parker through this link.

To register for in progress, please click the button below.