Exciting new additions!

So lots of fun and exciting changes have been happening in the land of Parker Jackson Arts! There is now a Go Fund Me account for my studio practice and there has actually been a lot of activity! Which means lots of artwork has been happening. Always such a positive thing! 

As you all probably know, currently I am focusing on the theme of mental illness and ending negative stigmas associated with having a mental illnesses. So some of the products I am selling has to do with that, such as Mantra Cards! Each small watercolor painting has a personal mantra on it that has helped me personally with my struggles with anxiety and depression. They will be copied onto glossy card stock and sold in packages of 24. Hopefully these cards will help others and the repitition of saything these words and phrases will grow each persons confidence.

I am also making pastel paintings of soothing landscapes for people who donate 100 dollars or more. Nature has a way of soothing nerves and calming the mind, so hopefully those who recieve one of these will feel those affects. 

Lastly, because I have been working so much on artwork for others, I am finally working on my own paintings and making a bit of progress on them! I am putting images of everything below for you all to check out! Also I am putting in the Go Fund Me link in case anyone is interested in purchasing anything! 

PS- Follow Parker Jackson Arts on Facebook and Instagram! I am in the process of figuring out how to link them to this site! :)